Heartland’s sturdy cast iron wood cookstoves have been cooking meals, heating homes and warming water for almost a century. Yet today’s models offer the same dependability, comfort and tremendous versatility—with modern developments to make your life far easier than your ancestor’s.

Unforgettable Flavor
The oven radiates heat from all sides, cooking food evenly and to delicious perfection every time. Nothing compares to a pie baked in this cookstove.

Reliable Heat Source
Keep your home glowing through ice, snow and power failures. No matter what is happening outside, you can still enjoy everything from a hot cup of cocoa, a warm basin of water to a snug night’s sleep.



Waterford Stanley Cast Iron Wood Burning Cookstove

A much loved centerpiece of Irish country kitchens for nearly 100 years, the Waterford Stanley Cookstove of today combines classic charm with the benefits of cast iron cooking and home heating.

Expansive cooktop complemented by the large cast iron oven with built in thermometer, capable of cooking a 25 pound turkey or large roast.

Warms up to 1,300 sq.ft., with a large firebox that allows a 16″ log length and up to a 5 hour burn time.

Great clearances to the wall and sides for finishing purposes.


unspecified-1Heartland Oval with Water Reservoir

Keep your home warm through winter, and power failures. The Oval is capable of heating up to 1,500 square feet.

The 5 gallon copper water reservoir includes a tap, and provides ample humidity for wood heating.

The oven is heated from all sides, cooking evenly and to perfection every time. Thaw your frozen food, warm your plates or watch your dough rise in the warming closet.

Wood can be top or front loaded, and ash can be removed in the large ash pan.

This unit is 25% off the regular price. Please come in or phone us.