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Saber Grills

A Better Barbecue – The Saber Difference

Obtain intense heat, with fewer BTUs.  Apply extreme sear marks, and cook with the lid open for quick grilling recipes.

Eliminate flare ups with SABER’s patented technology, unique cooking structure-creates an oxygen free zone that won’t let flames erupt.

Vaporize grease which adds flavor, and gain the bonus of easier clean up-just burn off and brush away!

The Saber Grills collection includes built-in premium grills, outdoor kitchen components, as well as freestanding cart grills in many models.

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Specialty Charcoal BBQ Cooking & Two Sizes of Propane BBQ’s Available.

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Unni 3s wood fired oven-easy to operate-powered by wood pellets.

Affordable and portable, with wonderful wood flavored taste. Whether it is meat, fish, vegetables, thin crust pizza or even desserts the results are sure to please!

Reaches 900 degree fahrenheit-Ready to use in 20 minutes.  Cooks a pizza in 90 seconds.


The Green Mountain Pellet Grill has the most amazing feature … complete control by WIFI from your phone. You simply download the app and every step is done from your phone. A pellet smoker provides fabulous smokey flavor. Lots of people prefer pellet to charcoal for smoking.  Come have a look at the Green Mountain Pellet Grill.


The Big Green Egg charcoal kamado cooker offers unmatched cooking flexibility. From low, even temperature barbecuing, to searing a steak or smoking a mammoth salmon, the Egg can do it all!  The Big Green Egg has a 34 year history to back up its claim as the ultimate cooker. A few great reasons to own an Egg include the ability of a load of charcoal to last over 12 hours for low and slow smoking, quick and easy startup, and unrivaled moisture retention in your food.  The Egg comes in 7 different sizes and has an extensive line of accessories including the famous Green Egg Lump Charcoal.

Want to find out what your fellow “Eggheads” have been cooking? Here’s a link to the main forums where you can see what other Eggheads have been cooking.
The Canadian Website for the Big Green Egg can be found here
We find the British Big Green Egg website to be very informative with lots of great pictures, videos and explanations of everything Egg – related.


The Outdoor Greatroom Company

Fireplace Specialties is proud to offer these amazing high-quality outdoor living products. The Outdoor Greatroom Co. has a wide selection of gas fire pits and fire tables. They also have outdoor fireplaces, furniture and pergolas.  Come into our showroom to see the display of The Outdoor Greatroom Co.  We can assist you with plans for your outdoor living space.

Unfortunately, the coupons are not for use in Canada.
Naples Gas Firetable

Naples Gas Firetable

Glass Fire Pit Table

Glass Fire Pit Table

Ledgestone Venturi Flame

Ledgestone Venturi Flame

Rivers Edge Fire Table

Rivers Edge Fire Table